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Mortgage Debt Workout Solutions

Discount Loan Payoff

We offer homeowners an opportunity to pay off their loans without incurring the additional late fees and penalties.  You will be receiving a Home Owners Options Letter from us, offering this incentive program with a 45 day timeline.  If you would like to pay off your loan and take advantage of this discounted payoff, call us and we’ll get it done for you.


You will be receiving your Invoice with the reinstatement amount in the mail shortly. If you are able to bring your loan current, please call and let us know your intention to do so.

Loan Modification Programs

If you are unable to fully reinstate your loan, we can set up a payment plan that would allow you to keep your home.  This plan would typically spread your reinstatement amount over a 60 to 90 day period.  This plan would require placing the deed in escrow until the reinstatement amount is paid in full.  The details of this option are worked out in a way that is manageable to you.  To discuss this option further, all we need is a call from you.

Refinance using HAMP-FHA or Conventional

Our staff will refer you to various mortgage lenders to see if there is a new mortgage program that will reduce your overall payments, and start fresh with a new loan. We can also guide you to a reputable credit counselor who can work with you to improve your credit score, which will provide you more options for a new mortgage loan.

Fresh Start Sales Assistance Program

If you are unable to make payments and have no interest in retaining the property, you have the option of surrendering it to us and you may be eligible for “Cash for Keys”.  Contact us for more details.

Spending Changes Ideas and Additional Resources

You may want to consider elimination or reductions to cable providers, internet services, cell phone plans, dining out, charitable donations etc…  If you own a second home, recreational vehicles or additional cars, you may consider selling them.  You can also look into assistance from local assistance programs, family, friends, churches and other charitable organizations.

Below are a several Government websites with additional information pertaining to these topics.




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