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We have designed a homeowner sale assistance program to help those who choose to avoid foreclosure and want to obtain the equity earned in the property. To qualify, you will need to make payments starting immediately. In the event you are unable to do so, you may still qualify for this program by signing the property over to us. We will then take on the responsibility of selling your home on your behalf and providing you with the proceeds (the equity you’ve earned).

We also provide a fresh start program by providing homeowners with “Cash for Keys.” If you are unable to make payments and have no interest in retaining the property, you have the option of surrendering it to us to handle for you. We will provide you with a portion of the equity in the property up front as a means to make a fresh start and move on from your current situation. Please note that this program is only available on the condition that there is equity in the property.

You may have recently received some legal documents from an Attorney regarding your delinquent loan on your home. If that is the case, and you would like to stop the legal process, please contact us as soon as possible…


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