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Case Studies of People We’ve Have Helped

In order to respect the privacy of the people involved in the below case studies,
we have withheld their last name, and the City in which they reside.

Seth T. – Oklahoma: Seth was let go from his company in 2009 due to downsizing. This big turn of event and do to bad economic conditions, Seth was unemployed for 2.5 years, causing his family to fall behind on their mortgage payments and taxes. Shortly after Seth found a new job in 2011, USA Payment Relief helped Seth and his family get back on track and keep their home.

Raul and Zoria A. – Ohio: Raul and Zoria received a foreclosure notice from their 2nd mortgage bank which they were behind mortgage for about 1.5 years. Raul and Zoria had assumed the loan was written off. USA Payment Relief stepped in and since they were in better financial situation, they were able to save their home from foreclosure and keep the property.

Anthony and Tanya .B – South Carolina: Anthony had to relocate from Texas do to company relocation. Since their home was less than the amount of the loan, they attempted to do a short sale and were denied by their banks. Anthony and Tanya contacted USA Payment Relief and were able to exit their home and proceed with their lives.

John and Tina M. – Tennesee: John was involved in a car accident that caused him to be hospitalized for over a month since it took John six months to fully recover and being the sole income earner, they fell behind on their mortgage payments by many months. John returned to work 9 months after the accident and  USA Payment Relief helped John and Tina receive a new loan with less monthly dues and new interest rate that was favorable to the Montgomery’s.

Bruce and Allia J. – Arizona: Bruce and Allia had missed payment on their 2nd mortgage loan for over three years. They received foreclosure letters stating they would be getting foreclosed on in the near future. Three weeks later, USA Payment relief bought their loan and contacted Bruce. Upon explanation of current status, USA Payment Relief removed the foreclosure and worked out a new loan which was easily sustainable by the home owners.

Bob and Elizabeth S. – Massachusetts: Bob and Elizabeth were two weeks away from foreclosure sale date when USA Payment Relief called them and worked out a new loan for them, enabling them to keep their home that had been in their family for three generation. They both said this was the biggest prayer that could have been answered.

Kurt and Patricia R. – California: Patricia’s hip surgery let them with many personal expenses that the insurance company did not cover. They had no choice but to miss payments on mortgage and when they called the bank 8 months later to see what they could do, they were told foreclosure proceedings had started. Shortly after they received the sale date taped to their door. They contacted by USA Payment Relief and since they were able to start making payments, they received a better loan that made it possible to not only stay in their home but also receive principal reduction on the balance.